André Hoblingre        


Word of the artist

I practice oil, pastel, watercolor and especially drawing because it is the origin of all this work and the means of expression is the easiest way for an artist. The technique of colored pencil renderings provides very realistic. The "sfumato" is often used in my work to absorb sweetness and gentleness. I like to refer to Chardin said: "We use colors, but I paint with feelings."

I am often asked the question : "What is your message about your work? " I answer there is no message. I create, I draw, I paint with my heart as I feel the pain in joy but always with passion and humility. This is my way of being, cause emotions and interest in my art.

I hope that this site will share my passion. You will find my gallery of drawings and paintings made ​​in different techniques (watercolors, crayons, oil pastels) but also reproductions of paintings from different schools.

Finally, to improve, send me your criticisms and appreciations. Good discovery.

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